Europe’s Famous Cities

Europe is a continent filled with some countries filled with hundreds of years of history, culture, and tradition. Each country has its own stories, architecture, art and natural beauty waiting to be explored. Here is a list of European cities that you must consider adding to your Europe tour:


Believed to be the cradle of western civilization, has been the center of Greek civilization for over 4000 years. The city is a mixture of old architecture and history along with certain edginess to its culture. The city can practically be called an open-air museum as it is scattered with bits of history all over. The improvements in modern infrastructure make it the perfect blend of old and new which is exciting for all. If you wish to travel to a city rich in history, then you should add Athens to your Europe tour package.


The capital of Belgium as well as the administrative capital of the European Union, Brussels since the Second World War has been a center for international politics. However, it is also another exciting destination to add to your Europe tour. The architecture of the city portrays a mixture of gothic, baroque and Louis XIV styles which though seem to clash can create a seamlessly impressive style in the Grand Palace and other EU institutions. The best thing about Brussels is the fact that there is always something happening. Every visit to the city provides opportunities for new experiences which must not be missed.


A port city located on the Garonne River in France, Bordeaux is a vibrant city which shows off the best of French culture and wine. Bordeaux is the world’s real wine industry capital and is home to the mainstream wine reasonable Vinexpo. The Bordeaux wine has been created in the city since the eighth century and must not be missed at any cost. The city must be added to your Europe visit bundle if you are a wine darling.


The second most populous city in Italy, during the ancient days, it was the capital of the western half of the Roman Empire. Though home to Italy’s stock exchange and an industrial powerhouse, it also has a rich culture filled with art, palaces, and museums. Also one of the major shopping destinations of the world, no fashionista should miss out on this opportunity and add Milan to their Europe tour.

These are just a few of the many vibrant and exciting cities that Europe offers to tourists to visit. From young backpackers to families on holiday Europe has something for everyone. If you’re walking most of the time, know more about most common leg injuries.